Hearth Candle

Hearth Candle

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This is our most popular size candle, approximately 5” high x 4.5” in diameter and has our classic lumpy, bumpy primitive exterior.

Burning Time: 150 hrs

Scent Descriptions:

Apple Cinnamon - The perfect combination of sweet apples and spicy cinnamon will always put a smile on your face.

Carrot Cake - The aroma of this candle will fill your home with the smell of freshly baked carrot cake!

Cinnamon Bun - We've saved you a trip to the bakery with our buttery, rich scent made extra special with a dust of cinnamon on top.

Evening Mocha - This scent will take you to your favorite coffee house with the smell of rich coffee brewing with hints of hazelnut, caramel and vanilla.

Gingerbread Cookie -We've captured the warmth and aroma of an old-fashioned gingerbread cookie, only thing missing is a glass of milk.

Snickerdoodle - The sweet smell of hot sugar cookies dusted with cinnamon will tantalize your senses without the guilt.
Nutmeg & Cream Chutney - Warm your heart and soul with the sweet scent of fresh cream and nutmeg garnished with cinnamon.

Fall Harvest - This candle will warm your soul with the scent of pumpkin pie spiced with clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon.